7 Fun Facts on Why Dentists Can Smile Confidently with DentroLux


Fun Fact #1 – “Do you shop on Amazon.com?”

3 out 4 Americans shop on Amazon.com on a monthly basis. DentroLux SEO Systems are developed by the same team that has done SEO for Amazon.com

Fun Fact #2 – “Do you have a favorite Superhero?”

Many of us look up to the Superheros who crush box office records every year. DentroLux Videography Systems are developed by the same team that has worked on some of your favorite Superhero movies for Marvel and DC including ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ & ‘Man of Steel’

Fun Fact #3 – “Do you ever use Google to find things?”

Nearly 9 out of 10 cell phones users in the United States start their searches with Google. DentroLux Photography / 360 Experience Systems are developed by one of the nation’s Top Google Trusted Photographers

Fun Fact #4 – “Do you ever research ways to grow your practice?”

14 Million Inspired Minds research ways to grow on Entrepreneur.com alone. DentroLux Digital Marketing Team has been featured in the renowned Entrepreneur.com & numerous other large business publications.

Fun Fact #5 – “Do you ever read Best Sellers?

Amazon.com is the world’s biggest bookstore and DentroLux Content Creators have been featured in Amazon Best Selling Books

Fun Fact #6 – “Do you ever check your Facebook?

The average patient checks theirs 17-20 times a day and our Digital Marketing Team has reached over 3,000,000 people on Facebook for our clients!

Fun Fact #7 – “Do you ever wonder why certain Dental Practices are #1?

Top practices can earn in a day what median practices yield in a month. DentroLux Patient Retention & Practice Growth Systems are developed upon the principles and procedures of the World’s #1 Practices

dentrolux makes dentists smile
Our goal is to take care of the heavy technical lifting and mastery of emerging technology so you can focus on what you love and do best: Delivering Excellent Smiles to as many patients as possible while smiling too!

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