There are now more than 151,600 dentists throughout the US, and the number doesn’t stop growing. With that, have you ever searched up for your clinic on Google? Where does it rank or how good of practice do you appear to be? 


Studies show that more than 70 percent of prospective clients use google to search for dentists in their locality. In such a situation, if your practice doesn’t show up to be in at least the first page of Google searches, you are going to have a huge problem. 


Since most people don’t scroll past the first page of the searches, you will be losing to your competitors. The best way to counter the problem is search engine optimization. Not only does it allow you increased visibility for your target audience, but also gives it the awareness and positive branding that it needs. 


With that, it wouldn’t be much out of place to say that dental SEO is a lucrative investment in your business, that is worth every penny. 


Before we go on about how SEO benefits your business and the top strategies to incorporate into your campaign, you need to understand what the term means and how it works to achieve your desired results. 


What is Dental SEO? 


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a practice that allows your business to rank higher up in the search results. While the idea may seem complicated at first, at the base, it refers to a set of strategies designed to make your website more visible in the search results.


When a prospective client goes on Google and searches stuff like “dentist near me”, “best root canal services” or other similar keywords, an effective, not to mention, well-executed SEO strategy helps you jump to the top of the results page, gaining visibility from an increased number of patients. 

Why Do Dentists Need SEO?


Getting to the top of the results page has its benefits, both in terms of branding and revenues. Some of these include:


  1. Get More Patients 


As mentioned before, nowadays, people rely on Google more than anything. They’re not going to search for a dental clinic by driving up on the streets or looking for them in a directory. This is why investing and executing a successful SEO campaign should be your priority. 


If your practice ranks at no.1 on the page, it has 10 times as much click-through rate, as opposed to being no.10 on the list. SEO pushing you to the top of the list can dramatically increase your site visitors. That, along with an excellent website can create an opportunity for higher conversion and thus, an increased number of patients in your clinic. 


  1. Reinforces Credibility


Suppose your website shows in the top three results when a prospective client searches for a dental practice. The user is automatically going to believe that you belong to a more credible group of businesses than the ones listed below. Therefore, a higher ranking can have psychological effects. Organic SEO builds patient trust, automatically increasing conversion rate and patient loyalty. Additionally, when more people begin to click and stay on your website, Google automatically pushes you further to the top. 


  1. Improves your Website 


SEO is directly linked to the quality of the content you put up on your website. How relevant, updated and business orientated it is has a significant impact on the SEO of your site. When you improve your SEO strategy, all of that automatically improves, enhancing the quality and outlook of your website so that it offers real value to visitors. 


  1. Analyzing Competitors


Working on your SEO also allows you to pay close attention to your competition. It will help you know what sort of content are they putting up, the strategies they are using, and improving their overall approach to appeal to potential clients With this, you closely keep track and counter their approach with a better strategy, eventually dominating the market.


The Way Forward

By now, you should have no doubts about the importance of SEO, and be well aware of all its key benefits that ultimately help you to reach out to more patients and edge out your competition in the dental industry. 


So, if you haven’t hired already, consult SEO experts for your dental practice. And you can rely on Dentrolux for this purpose. We have a dedicated team of highly experienced SEO professionals who can improve your Google rankings and make your dental practice more prominent in the online world.