DentroLux has the proprietary “Smile Service” under the Instagram Service that will surely bring a smile on your face! In today’s world, Social Media is EVERYTHING. As much as we think Social Media has limited in person conversing, it has impacted Dental Practice’s like yours in a very positive way. In a world where people “double tap” if they “like something”, you as a Dentist can smile knowing your DentroLux Team will help showcase the magical transformations you have done in your practice to the world and your community. At DentroLux, we believe in showcasing the smiles you’ve created on Instagram not to brag, but to be the reason behind someone else smiling while looking at your work. It might even spark motivation to someone hiding their smile because they aren’t happy with it. At DentroLux, we want you to smile knowing there are people scrolling on your Instagram smiling at the beautiful work you have done! Just remember… we are a SMILE Company!