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Thank you for finding your home for all your dental marketing, branding, technology, smiles and solution needs here at DentroLux. Your DentroLux | Live Experience gives you a peace of mind knowing that your dental practice is always up to date with the newest videos and content on your DentroLux | Dream Website, your Facebook, your Instagram, your Google, your Yelp, and much more! One of the most crucial elements of growing your brand is having fresh, new, professional video content and pictures taken of your dental practice and new teams. You’ll never have to worry about outdated videos and pictures of your team and dental practice ever again! At DentroLux, we don’t believe in charging more money for new videos and pictures. Once you get a DentroLux | Live Experience, you will have the choice to upgrade to new content at no additional charge. We change our clothes and our furniture after a few years don’t we? Why not your dental practice’s online brand? Let’s say you wake up one day and decide you want more content, or you want to promote a new service you have… all you need to do is contact your DentroLux Family and we will book our flights to your city!

Your DentroLux Live Experience is only $2,999. You are eligible for our $3,000 Smile More Rebate Check (turning your investment in your dental practice content into a full 100% ROI + $1 in profit!). Ask us for more details!

Recent DentroLux Live Experiences

During this DentroLux | Live Experience, Dr. Tamkin wanted to showcase her expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry and the beautiful aesthetics and technology available within her newly renovated Dental Practice.

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