DentroLux has proprietary “Smile Services” under the Training Service that will surely bring a smile on your face! Develop your Dental Practice into the City’s Premiere Dentistry by modeling the systems, strategies, and training methods from some of the greatest minds in personal development and team culture. At DentroLux, we believe culture is everything in a company and your business. We want to be the reason behind your smile knowing that as you are focusing on delivering beautiful smiles in your community, we are focusing on bridging the gap between your dental team working to work, and working to build YOUR brand! At DentroLux, we have our own standard when it comes to making the most important people at your Dental Practice smile; and those are the amazing individuals apart of your Dental Team. DentroLux has created amazing systems on motivating your Dental Team with this Smile Service. There is one thing your DentroLux Team can promise you. And that is our Smile Service, DentroLux Training, will definitely be one of the reasons behind your smile every week. Especially when you find out that we don’t charge $2,000-$5,000 a month for fun motivation and training. Schedule a Smile Session with us so we can go in detail on this Smile Service. Check out one of the Dental Teams with one of our valued Dental Partnerships below! We promise it will bring a.. Smile.