Branding & Rebranding

We don’t understand the whole philosophy behind “Let us charge you $300-$500 a month and give you access to a library filled with posting materials to have your team post at their own convenience.” Not only does it take away from your amazing Team’s focus at your Dental Practice, but it’s an unethical service in DentroLux’s eyes. The standard at DentroLux is to charge you ⅓ the price, while making you smile knowing your posts are not like everyone else’s. It is BRANDED by your Dental Practice Logo. At DentroLux, we want you to smile knowing that any pictures, videos, motivational quotes, funny memes, or anything showcased and posted on your social medias will be branded with your practice logo. Do you know what the difference between ordinary and extraordinary efforts in marketing for you are? It’s that little… extra. Are you tired of smiling already? Schedule a Smile Session with us so we can give you any details on any of our Smile Services.