I absolutely love the DentroLux Team energy. They deliver high quality content for marketing. They brought and bring nothing but smiles and laughs while building our dental brand. DentroLux is very contagious, and I highly recommend DentroLux for your dental practices marketing needs! They brought smiles to our office.

Michael Edwards

We love dentrolux! They have had a incredible Effect on our social media. It is such a relief to know we have a good team backing us up and posting consistently.

Anastasiya Hilbran

I had the pleasure of working with Niki! She was very throughout and helped me understand the value of her services for my business. I really enjoyed her customer service oriented attitude and how she walked me through the process A to Z. Even after signing up for their marketing services, she was always available! Dentrolux has make a positive impact on our practice, I would recommend their services to any dental office looking to increase their business.


I love their energy! The DentroLux Team is so nice. They are very team and customer focused. They bring smiles and a lot of positive energy to our dental practices! I highly recommend DentroLux for all your Dental Marketing and branding needs! Their smile services (marketing services) are amazing!

Xiomara Castro

I love DentroLux!!!! They are so awesome! Their psc prices are amazing. Our staff is truly grateful for all of their help. Best Marketing company out there.

Angie Charriez

Dentrolux works to make sure dentists feel loved and valued. Their marketing approach is innovative, smart and effective. Highly recommended.

Itzel Flores

Super excited to kill these PSC prizes!! Looking forward to work with you guys!! Thank you everything, I’m super thrilled and excited.

Marti Edwards

Thanks to DentroLux, my dental Practice Facebook page has tripled in size and the quality of their Facebook posts are amazing! I absolutely love their dental digital marketing! I HIGHLY recommend DentroLux to any dental practice to grow!

Juana cordz

Very fun ready to work with Dentrolux and PSE prizes sound amazing and would highly recommend Dentrolux great energy could not stop smiling!!

Dr. Drew Randall

DentroLux has been fantastic. They helped me get my message out and have been easy, patient and helpful to work with!

Addie Crabbe

DentroLux is such an awesome company! Nicolle works so hard to meet all my needs and exceed my expectations 🙂

Stephanie B

A great company overall! Niki is highly attentive, engaged, and charismatic. She always has creative ideas and knows exactly how to implement them. Cannot recommend enough!

Elashae Richards Scott

Great team! Highly recommend DentroLux. Nicolle always makes me smile

Bisola Kamara

DentroLux is a wonderful company that have the best people; one in particular is Niki. Niki has been so efficient and available to get the job done!! She definitely has put a smile on my face haha

Adrián RM

Very professional and attentive. Niki was pretty great, she knew what I needed to better my business. Definitely recommend to anyone that is looking to enhance their business.

laston charriez

Love the contagious energy of this company..I know contagious is a taboo these days but their energy makes you bounce back from anything you are facing today

Eric Lippke

There is nobody better than Niki at her job! Can’t recommend her enough, she was attentive, helpful, and available as needed. She was a gift. I would be happy to work with Dentrolux again!

Ryan Smith

The people make this company the best. I loved working with Niki. She knew how to connect and understand what my goals were and had the drive to see them through. This company can get your dentistry digitally revamped for 2020!

Przemysław Grzybowski

Amazing people that make you smile from the first time you meet or talk to them 🙂 Especially Nikki! Incredible energy!

Javier Carranza

Great company and Nikki is great! Always puts a smile on my face. She’s a pleasure to work with. Dentrolux is highly recommended

Andrea Avila

this is the best smile company highly recommend it, and Niki is the best smile advisor, she always takes the necessary time to solve any problems and she is very attentive!

Nicole Villagomez

I love Niki! She’s the best and so helpful! 🙂

Damian Mercado

Working with Niki is always a great experience and leave you with a smile!

Sergio Lopez

What a wonderful experience, the energy of the DentroLux brings a smile to anyone’s face. Nicolle was awesome to work with and I really hope this company continues with their journey.

Karen Lopez

Their energy is contagious! Nicolle has definitely brought a smile to my face, she’s been a pleasure working with along with the entire DentroLux team. Their services have really helped promote our practice and hope they continue their mission helping other dentists.

Marti Edwards

I had the pleasure of working with Niki! She was very throughout and helped me understand the value of her services for my business. I really enjoyed her customer service oriented attitude and how she walked me through the process A to Z. Even after signing up for their marketing services, she was always available! Dentrolux has make a positive impact on our practice, I would recommend their services to any dental office looking to increase their business.


DentroLux is amazing!!!!!!! Our office loves working with them. There team is awesome to work with. The pac prizes are my favorite. I strongly recommend.

T Khan

Highly endorse the entire team .Very energetic and highly motivating , throughly enjoyed working with them .They offer the best price in town and returned the investments with smile more rebate check for our website. woohoo.!

Nabiha Ahmed

DentroLux is the best dental marketing and solutions company hands down in the US! I have experienced the DentroLux Difference with how reliable they are in providing their services.

Unser Ahmed

I have been working with DentroLux for 2 years and the way they conduct business is so professional with integrity.

Denise Godinez

Our office has been using DentroLux for about a year now and since then I’ve seen a complete change in our office. The expertise and energy they have brought to our practice is amazing. We’ve been getting a lot of new patients coming to our office because of the amazing reviews they have helped us obtain from our patients. Our staff has also been very motivated because of the PSC prizes. They are truly the best marketing company a dental office can ask for and maybe even your last. I highly recommend them.

Anjelica Hernandez

Dentrolux team came in today with full energy and explain well on how to achieve our goal in marketing. Looking forward to working with them.

Rachel Bustos

The team’s energy is great, very fun and enthusiastic! Our practice is very excited to work with them!!

Mazar Shuaipaj

My name is Dr. Mazar. My experience with DentroLux has been excellent. Instead of talking to robots, we get to talk to people. They are CUSTOMER OBSESSED!!! I love their personal touch. And I love their enthusiasm in order to make their clients happy and succeed. My dental practice has growth by over 7,000% ROI within my first 6 months with my online brand. I highly recommend DentroLux to every dentist out there! I’ve found my home in dental marketing and solutions. Thank you DentroLux!

Nancy Munoz

Dentrolux is AMAZING just full of energy & good vibes!!! Love the incentives (PSC) prizes 👍

Smiles Dental

I have been using Dentrolux services for over 2 yrs now. They are amazing in everything what they do. Their unique approach to help dental offices like no other. Will recommend them to all dental offices in a heartbeat.

Solita Crisostomo

I’ve been Working with dentrolux for 8 months and they are awesome and very professional. I highly recommend DentroLux for all of your dental marketing and solution needs!!! They are hands down the BEST Marketing Company in the united states!!

Shaza Sanaullah

Niki is the best smile advisor around! She is always helpful, empathetic, enthusiastic, and committed to excellence. I have known her for years and would highly recommend her at DentroLux. Niki always brings a smile wherever she goes!

Lina Valero

DentroLux is great. Niki was so helpful and I highly recommend her.

Paul La Farga

Niki has been very caring that every detail is promptly attended to. Thanks, Dentrolux!!

Paul Daniel La Farga

Staff has become more motivated, and company culture has been positively impacted! Thank you Niki & DentroLux!

Ekaterina Belyaeva

Great company! Special thanks for Niki! Everything was smooth and professional!

Jaime Sanz

Niki is simply the best, was absolutely helpful with what i was looking for, always very professional and nice, 100% recommended! Choose DentroLux!

Salvador Torres

Where do I start? Niki is the best! I talked to her about my goals and how I wanted to connect with my audience. She really did understand what I wanted and she executed it perfectly. I’m grateful to have her help me out. If you need your dentistry to come back into the 21st century then choose DentroLux and ask for Niki

Jaime Olivas

Highly recommend DentroLux. Niki is awesome to work with!

Samantha Olmedo

DentroLux is a great company to work with, highly recommend their enthusiastic workers that always go the extra mile to be sure all your needs are attended!
Their response time is super quick and Niki is my favorite smile advisor, taking to her brings a smile to my face all the time! 🙃

Samantha Torres

DentroLux is the best company to work with! They are so passionate about bringing smiles to everyone, they are dedicated to get you results, Niki is highly energetic and a blast to work with!

Sabrina Lonsdale

I highly recommend DentroLux they are invested in making sure our practice is successful, not just running a campaign to make a commission. Working with Niki is always a pleasure. She always makes everyone smile:)

Maria Lonsdale

Excellent service, very customer focused. Niki was enthusiastic and very professional. Highly recommend!

Kenneth Charriez

Great service and customer care. Niki is so gracious and knowledgeable. Can’t wait to work with them in the future.

Dr. Nora Balota

Niki at Dentrolux is awesome and so happy to work with the team at Dentrolux and the best at digital dental marketing!!!!!

Melissa Moncek

I have so many nice things to say about Dentrolux. For one they are very professional to work with. They get down to business for your business. The psc prizes are the best!!!!

david mata

very fun company to work with, innovative and professional.

Alexandra Ferrara

DentroLux does an phenomenal job building dental practice brands, increasing new patient rate for dental offices, and bringing smiles to the faces of dentists, their teams and patient base. I immensely recommend DentroLux for dental marketing and any solutions for your dental practice.

Bernard Benjie Paraiso

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the DentroLux team on a number of projects and their commitment to making Dentists and their dental practices smile is evident in the quality of communication, work, and results that they deliver. Highly recommend!

Noreen Ahmed

Dentrolux is Unique and State of the Art Global Dental Marketing Company that brings SMILES to all Dental Practices.

Angela Aponte

We have been working with Dentrolux for a little under a year. It has been an amazing experience so far. Unser, James and Bernard are always on point with all they have done. I definitely recommend this company for your dental marketing needs.


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